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NY Honey Company Inc. d/b/a Sweet Sophie's Naturals is a Family Owned & Operated Honeybee Apiary located on Long Island, New York. Joe Magnoli is "THE" Beekeeper in charge here & he has  such an undeniable passion for the honeybees that it shines through just watching him tending to the hives. Our honeybees pollinate 1000's & 1000's of acres of farmlands across NYS with a vast majority located right here on Long Islands East End & North Shore. Sweet Sophie's Naturals Honey Products are sold at local Farmers Markets, Gourmet Food Markets, Farm Stands & Specialty Food Stores throughout NYS. Our honey is gravity strained keeping it in its purest form straight from the hive to the jar. 100% Pure & Raw the way it should be eaten! We are a proud participant in the NYS Grown & Certified Program & every one of our jars bears the NYS Grown & Certified Seal. 

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  • Bayview Farms & Market

  • Balsam Farms 

  • Bruno Farms

  • Citarella Gourmet Markets- All 7 Locations 

  • Cortlandt Farms LLC

  • Corwith Farmstand

  • Cow Palace

  • Fink's Farms

  • F&W Schmitt's Family Farms

  • Hank's Pumpkintown

  • Hodun Farms

  • Justin's Chop Shop

  • Jericho Cider Mill

  • Meyer's Farms

  • The Water Drinker

  • Windy Acres Farms

  • Taste NY - Long Island Welcome Center: Dix Hills

  • Taste NY - Penn Station Kiosk

  • Neigoki Farms

  • Olish Farms

  • Peirpont's Blossom Farms

  • The Farm on 27

  • The Farm on Lakeland

  • Lewin Farm

  • Thera Farms

  • Zilnicki Farms

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Piece of Honeycomb
  • 100% Pure Raw Wildflower Honey

  • Creamed Honey

  • Chunk Honey

  • Comb Honey

**Seasonal Varieties​​

  • Black Locust

  • Buckwheat

  • Red Bamboo

  • Clover

  • Blueberry

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